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Wants to participate DANCE PARADE NYC?? May 17th

By 4/27/2014 ,

Hello friends,

Are you looking for something fun?

Do you want participate for Dance Parade in NYC*? *

I will be working with *BatalaNYC* which is all women Afro-Brazilian, Samba
Reggae drumming band. They are extremely energetic, powerful and fun!!
And we are looking for participator who wants to have fun in the parade.
It's not difficult at all. Just follow me some easy easy step and have fun
in parade!!!
NOTE:  You don't need to be *a dancer*. If you know how to walk forward
and have fun, then you are good ;-)
*Sat, May 17th *
The parade lasts about 1.5 hours, goes down Broadway from 21st to Tompkins
Sq park. I'd ask you to be there around *12:00pm*, we'd be done most likely
by 3:30 LATEST.
You'll have fun day and get free t shirts for the bloco dancers!!

No Rehearsal
What to wear? -- Anything comfortable. Even shoes! 
                        If you have anything Red, Black, and White color cloth, then that's BatalaNYC's color. 
                        so you can wear/put on those as our group.

There's no age limit, if you want to participate with your child, you are
welcome too. And even if you want to come and then have to leave some
point, that's fine too.

*How to register?*

so, here is the link to join our group: (Batala NYC)

You can just go there and put in your simple info.

Hope to see you there!!

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