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OCT 2015 Performance/Event info

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I have a couple of performance/event coming up soon. I'd like to share with you information. 
Please join if you have time!!  If you have any question, please feel free to ask. 
Hope to see you there!! 

1) Oct 12-18 HONK NY- street band festival
    Sat Oct 17th, at The Wick (260 Merserole st, Brooklyn) 
     I will be participate this evening event. ;-)

   also please check out their kickstarter link

2 ) Sat Oct 24th, El Museo Del Barrio (104st &5th Ave)
     Silva Dance Company 

Join us as Baila Society brings together a diverse mix of New York's most esteemed dance companies for a night of breathtaking performances at El Museo del Barrio to benefit the Latino Commission on AIDS, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS.

3) Sun Oct 25th, 7PM at Ailey Theater (55st &9th Ave) 
    KEKENE IX  ; Kotchegna Dance Company

The Hunter - Le Chasseur, a traditional tale from Ivory Coast presented through dance and drum, song and drama. Featuring the Kotchegna Dance Company, a corps of multi-ethnic NYC dancers specializing in the  traditional dances of Ivory Coast, and masters of Ivory Coast performance, The Hunter is riveting and suspenseful.
Come see the awesome masked dances, high on stilts, low to the ground, blessing us, protecting us, making us laugh and wonder. Come see a beautiful array of dances - celebration dances, warrior dances, seasonal dances, initiation dances, honoring dances...joyous, love-of-life dances!

*** I have few physical ticket for KEKENE IX. Let me know if you want one! 
     Also please let me know when you decide coming this performance! 

4)  Sat Oct 31st, 7PM  NYC Halloween Parade with BatalaNYC

As you know, this is fantastic &fun opportunity to get dance with Batala drummers! 
(follow my step, moves!! ) Don't miss it!   
If you'd like to participate, please  send me email  to,   subject as " Halloween parade with Batala"  with 1. your name, 2. email address, 3. phone number  by Sat Oct 24
FYI, their theme is "disco inferno".   I will send you more details once I receive your email. 

Traditional Secret Mask from Kekene

African Dance & Drama of Ivory Coast 

Silva Dance Company 

Parade with Batala NY from Mermaid parade 2015

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