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By 10/18/2012

Hello everyone, I'm back to NY! But I'd been sick since I came back as usual :-( 
After my fever is gone, now my problem is JET LAG...I'm completely up since

I'd like to introduce some of pic from my workshop in Japan:-)
Thank you for coming all!!!
The night of my first WS, there was big typhoon hitting tokyo....
but few students still came to class!!
 Thank you!!

Brave students!! hehehe
We'd sweat A LOT!
But I couldn't go home after... some train already had been stopped cuz of typhoon...

2nd WS. Rain

It was really fun class with live music!!! Yeah!!

with my wonderful percussionists!! 

 I went Kanazawa and had one workshop at Capoeira Gueto. But no pic with my camera...:-(

4th WS in tokyo. 

Clean & Huge space ♡

 live percussions again!!

Thank you so much for coming!!

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