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Thank you for attending class!

By 3/21/2011 , ,

Thank you so much for whom attended Fund-raising for JAPAN class also donated even you couldn't attend yesterday.

Fund-raising result from yesterday is $440!!

All total is $701.85 so far. (march 21st 2011)

Some of my friends told me that they want donate more. So I will still collecting this week.
I will send it all by this weekend.
Also I will report more details when I send.

I want to continue this Fund-rasing class once a while. I think the victims of Earthquake, Tsunami needs long term support not just for right now. I can't not imagine victims and area has to go through this to revive how long, how far, and how difficult....
I hope I can do something even little support.....
And I can not do it by myself. I need your help and support!!

Thank you again for all who supported!!
And also most thank you for Ellen Chapelle from Bridge for Dance, Jewish Community Center, L'orange Bleue, Dawn Drake & Zapotte, and Perry's studio, and Tomas Rays who helpful , supportive and allowed me to collecting donation!!

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